Top 5 features in Windows 8

As most of you know Windows 8 is round the corner.  After the successful launch of Windows 7 in 2009, Microsoft is ready to drop a new operating system code name Windows 8.  Keep in mind that Windows 8 is more of a tablet-centric OS.

Metro style User Interface

The first thing you will notice after installing Windows 8 is the new Metro Style user interface. Microsoft 8 will replace long used conventional startup menu with a rich and interactive wall with all you apps pinned in it. This new Metro style user interface will be triggered automatically upon the Windows 8 startup replacing the old desktop we all used to work with. Anytime you can go to your normal desktop.



Better File Operations

A lot of windows user relay on third party tools to achieve faster file and folder copying speed. Well  you can forget them once you move to Windows 8. With Windows 8, Microsoft puts all current copy operations into a single dialog box where you can check their progress and pause/resume them. You’ll also have access to a more detailed report that shows the file transfer rate of each file copy and a more transparent warning when you try to copy one version of a file over another.


New Task Manager

New upcoming Windows 8 will come with a revolutionary Task Manager. The task manager will consist of two views, simple and advanced. In simple view you will be able to see the list of running applications but if you want an in depth look on all the process running on your system you switch to the advanced mode.

Easy Factor Restore

Microsoft had built two new features in windows 8 call Refresh and Reset that can help you get PCS back to a good state when they are not working their best. Using both the options you can restore your windows to a state just after it was installed. The former keeps the user files and settings intact but the latter gives you a clean platter to start again.

USB 3.0 and ARM CPU Support

USb 3.0  speeds up to 10 times as fast as USB 2.0 and the ability to carry more voltage for charging, USB 3.0 offers a whole new world of speed and convenience.  Windows 8 will be the first Microsoft operating system to run on ARM-based processors in addition to traditional x86 chips from Intel and AMD. ARM processors such as Nvidia’s Tegra, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon and TI’s OMAP have dominated the smartphone and tablet space because they’re great at low-power, connected computing.

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