Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is something crucial for every business these days, and we specialize in installation and maintenance of custom CCTV video surveillance systems for your business and home.

We pride ourselves on professional installations & service of security cameras, video surveillance cameras, access control, intercoms, biometric & GPS tracking. Our professional and knowledgeable security camera systems staff will assist you in providing affordable home security camera systems, commercial security camera systems, and video surveillance installations for homeowners, business owners, property owner and commercial real estate management companies.

Installing video surveillance camera systems will help you:


  • Protect your loved ones
  • Protect your assets
  • Keep unwanted thieves and vandals out
  • Reduce shrink and theft at places of business
  • Improve resident safety in buildings
  • Improve your overall security program

Here’s a list of commercial video surveillance types:


  • HDCVI Cameras
  • Intelligent IP Cameras
  • HDTVI Cameras
  • High Definition Cameras and Security Systems
  • CCTV Cameras (Closed Circuit)
  • Analog Cameras

Our technicians will design and install your video surveillance system. The installation service will cover the labour to mount the camera(s), run all cables from the cameras to the DVR / NVR, make all low voltage electrical and video connections and make sure that the cameras are aimed, focused and adjusted properly.

We offer custom CCTV video surveillance system installation services in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and surrounding areas.

We are an LTS Technology Partner, so you can rest assured that you’re going to get the best equipment for your surveillance needs.

Get your free Security Evaluation by calling us at 212-810-2074 to schedule an on-site survey so we can assets the best possible solution for your video surveillance needs.

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