Structured Cabling Systems

Structured cabling forms the base on which all the other network equipment functions and depends on. An effective transport of information over a structured network essentially requires a sound cable infrastructure. This will ensure that all critical business communications, operations, and processes are handled effectively.

Our certified technicians offer design, installation, maintenance, and optimization of structured cabling systems, comprising of copper cable, fiber optic cable, and coaxial cable for delivery of voice, data, and video services.

We offer the following cabling system services:

  • Data Cabling
  • Voice & Data Wiring
  • Security Camera Installation (CCTV, IP/Analog Security Cameras and Aventura Video Surveillance)
  • Wire Management, Patch Panel Termination, Testing, Certification
  • Cat 5, Cat 5e and Cat 6 Data Cabling Installation and Repair
  • Fiber Optics Installation – Single Mode, Multi-mode, Testing and Terminations

Amvean adheres to strict industry specifications in the design and installation of structured cabling for all such applications.

Structured Cabling Infrastructures

Copper Infrastructure

Shielded and unshielded low voltage cabling copper solutions provide the ultimate performance and reliability for today and tomorrow’s copper infrastructure requirements. Our Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, Cat 6e, and proposed Cat 7 solutions are designed to “future proof” your environment to the greatest extent possible.

Fiber Optic Cabling Solutions

We also offer low voltage cabling fiber optics in single mode, multi-mode, and laser optimized varieties that complement the deployment of optical solutions deeper into the network, delivering future-proof infrastructure. Our fiber optic services include design, engineering, installation, termination, and testing.

Coaxial Cabling Solutions

Coaxial cabling is a low voltage cabling solution designed to support a variety of media applications for video and other advanced copper applications that typically require adherence to strict performance criteria. We can design and install solutions that include music, sound, paging systems and public address (PA) systems, as well as nurse call systems, CCTV and security systems, fire alarms, and access control systems.

Our Service Portfolio includes wireless network cabling:


Network Topology Mapping


sample topology

Network Cable Management


Network Rack Management Cabling

File_008 (4)

SMB Office Mini Data Rack Cabling


At Amvean, we provide network and data cabling services in New York metropolitan areas, New Jersey and Connecticut. We have a long-standing reputation in this field since 2006. Our certified, experienced technicians who specialize particularly in network cabling and infrastructure, bring their best for our clients. We provide any network cabling related services including setting up a brand new cabling system, restoring an existing system, transferring delicate cabling structures within a building or rearranging an existing cumbersome system to a new furnished, user friendly look that fits in the picturesque fashion of your office.

We are here for all your structured networking cabling needs.
Call us with any inquires or leave us a message on our contact us page.

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