Sound & Communication

A business can be effective only with proper communication in place, to enable that for your business needs we have an expert team of technicians. We provide you reliable, fast, effective, and concise communication systems. Sound and paging systems are designed to broadcast general information or emergency notifications to everyone in your building at a moment’s notice.
These systems can work as a stand-alone or in conjunction with an existing telephone system. We give you our advice, consulting and implementation solutions for:

  • Design and installation of sound system for smaller zones or wide building coverage
  • Wireless clock integration with CDMA, GPS and Ethernet

We effectively address the following concerns for better efficiency in the sound & communication installations:

  • Whether to stop background music when someone is paging?
  • Can telephone speakers and paging speakers be accessed at the same time?
  • Can we define different zones of speakers? For example, can warehouse paging be specifically defined so that it doesn’t unnecessarily interrupt the front office area?
  • Can paging be accomplished over a network to a remote site and with queues as well?
  • Does the paging system support connection to the fire alarm or other emergency systems?



For more information about our sound systems, paging products, and services or for a quote, contact us today!


We install sound systems and paging products in these cities and the surrounding areas:

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut


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