Security & Access Control

Ever wondered how easy monitoring can be? With superior access control systems and integration solutions from Amvean, you can monitor not just the entries and exits but the positioning and archived data too. Using access cards or biometric recognition, Access control systems provide security by allowing or denying a person’s admittance to an area or facility.

We help you create such a system tailored to your specific requirements and also give you a low cost maintenance service for a lifetime.

We bring the expert services to you in the following major domains:

  • System design
  • System installation
  • System Inspection
  • Access Control System Maintenance


We have professionally designed, installed, and maintained access control systems for many commercial businesses and organizations, in domains like Retail, Office Spaces, Buildings etc.


We offer installation services and maintenance of access control systems in these cities and the surrounding areas:

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut


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