Network Cabling Project at ILW

ILW – a law publishing and marketing company located in Madison Avenue, is one of Amvean’s trusted clients. A busy and successful commercial company in the heart of Manhattan. ILW needs to have a systematically configured and well maintained networking system to perform at its utmost potential. However, a cumbersome configuration of the network servers, firewall system and other network controlled devices at ilw posed periodic troubles with their broadband and wifi connections. Occurrences like losing WiFi during a client meeting could prove to be very costly, often times by losing clients. So Ilw called us on February 25th, 2016 to reinstall their network server system to ensure a faster broadband and WiFi and a less cumbersome setup for the network controlled devices. We promised a same day service and here is how we resolved their problem.

Our adept group of technicians reached the site after office hours on Friday so that during the operation our client’s business doesn’t get affected. We noticed that the devices in the office including the phone system, servers, firewall, all were entwined in a clumsy manner. To resolve the problem, we quickly detected the wires that were not functioning and removed them immediately. We setup a 6U Rack, compatible for small sized businesses, to setup the devices in an orderly fashion. 

We removed the existing networking cables and rearranged them in the racks so that one device does not intercede the space of the other. We set-up a back-up system for the internet modem so that if one system fails for any reason, the office can still have their internet service up and running.


In the bottom of the rack we placed the firewall and the internet modems. Any unnecessarily lengthy wire causing clutters, were removed. We retested the phone systems to detect the ports that are functioning and re-established their connection at first. Next, the printers and other network driven devices were setup in a manner so that the user can access them without intervening the space of the other delicate networking devices. Finally we tested the phone systems by making an inbound and outbound call from each line. The WiFi and broadband speeds were tested as well. Perhaps the biggest achievement of the day was the big smile on our client’s face that came with a significantly faster internet connection. At the end of the day, that’s what we prioritize -100% customer satisfaction!