Cloud Computing Defined

What is the Cloud?

What is this “Cloud” that everyone keeps talking about? What’s so great about the cloud that consumers and business are rapidly moving their data to cloud? The best method to understand cloud philosophy is to go back to the beginning.  Back in the staring era of the technology—your data, photo, music etc—used to be stored on a physical piece of hardware, perhaps on a hard drive in your computer.

In the very basic terms, the Cloud refers to the Internet and the term is fitting- it’s large, out there somewhere. Cloud computing is about putting more of your material out there and less on PCS and servers that a business runs for itself.

In recent years, more and more cloud-based services have come into the marketplace, and in some cases they are providing services that haven’t been available previously. Although there are many types of cloud-based services, the one that could likely be most useful to your day to day work in career services is a category known as “Software as Services short to SAS”.


There are a lot of advantages to using Cloud based services or Cloud computing. The first is that your media stores in a place not on your own device, so you can get it on multiple devices. You can check your email on any computer or access your photos on Flickr or I Cloud on any computer. And with cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or SugarSync, you can store your files.

That also means that those photos, files or songs are being backed up on those various services. So if you’re hard drive crashed, you have a backup of all your files instantaneously; you just log into another computer to access your data.


As with everything, cloud computing have its risks.  As we are ever more dependent on our IT services to run our businesses, outrages can be disastrous. So we must have a very high level of confidence in our providers. There is also compliance issue is the provider keeping us compliant as well as geopolitical issues where data is sitting and control changes.

Do the benefits outweigh the risks? That’s a question each business and individual needs to answer for himself. If you want to see what the experts have to say, we can certainly help you out there.

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