Network and Phone System Install

Amvean specializes in phone system and network installation.  In this project Amvean worked with the law firm Finkel and Fernandez based in Brooklyn, NY. The company was relocating offices and required network cabling, network installation, and new commercial phone system.   When doing phone system installations our specialists began with a site survey and discussed 

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Hard drive blog

Hard Drive Repair

By Vitaliy Maksymets Data recovery Recently many customers have been experiencing hard drive issues which require extensive work in order to recover the data. We have been recovering data for customers in New York City as well as throughout the entire United States. The primary defense against disk failure is having a backup. Although in 

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What is the Crypto virus?

By Vitaliy Maksymets What is the Crypto virus? Cryptowall is a virus knows as ransomware. When it infects your computer it encrypts all of the files and in order to retrieve them a ransom must be paid. The way the ransom works is the virus gives the amount of time needed to pay the initial 

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What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is an online storage system. As opposed to saving and accessing data on a hard drive. Cloud computing allows storage over the internet. With the cloud the consumer can conveniently share their information with all of their machines. Who Provides This Service? The three biggest suppliers in the cloud 

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What is Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Genesis: Storage area management was always a costly affair. Small and medium scale business couldn’t always afford the data storage costs involved. Storage area networks weren’t successful strategically during the 90’ and early 2000’s. Non redundant data was a worldwide corporate issue. Block-based storage area network didn’t have a cost effective alternative. A need for 

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Information about the Sony Hack

The incident: Sony Pictures Entertainment hack refers to the release of Sony’s confidential data by November last year. Sony Pictures Entertainment’s staff details, their personal information, day to day emails, executive salaries and a few copies of Sony’s unreleased movies were amongst the released data. This has been the most controversial cyber hack for the 

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Hadoop for Beginners

HADOOP For Beginners What is Hadoop? It’s an Apache’s major software project to facilitate distributed data processing across various commodity servers. Apache has it as an open source project, given the wide potential usability. Building up on sole server to a huge set of servers is a real prospect. The optimal degree of fault tolerance 

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Internet Of Things

Internet of Things

IoT: system, connection and devices Automation and control are things people consider a necessity in digital age. Embedded computing has contributed in the process of controlled automation. Centralized control is real prospect. Most electronics could be fitted with handy embedded devices. Embedded computing devices have no real boundaries. From heart monitoring implants to RFID chips 

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Malware Basics

  Safety of your information and software infrastructure are always under scrutiny. Knowing about problems should necessarily be the first and foremost step in solving them. Do make yourselves aware of potential malwares before your pc gets corrupted. Let’s look at the basic existing PC threats. Malware: Malware or malicious software includes all sorts of 

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