About Us

Headquartered in New York City and with associates based in Chicago, Amvean had its genesis at the beginning of the new millennium. At that time, three forward-thinking technologists met to contemplate the advantages of unifying their particular domains of expertise to form one holistic and cross-functional IT solutions provider.

In a traditional IT services scenario, a company will seek solutions from multiple providers — one firm to tackle its online marketing, another to develop its applications, still another to manage cloud infrastructure — transferring the silo syndrome from the organization’s cubicles to the desks of its various IT vendors. The result, all too often, is redundancy and needlessly higher costs. To say nothing of reduced productivity, agility and responsiveness, particularly where a company’s actionable data is concerned.

Faced with this challenge, the technologists asked themselves…

  • What if the company that architectured your organization’s IT infrastructure was also the provider who designed your company’s website and created business applications to support operations?
  • And what if that same provider could contribute to your firm’s marketing by developing Search Engine strategies, which would then gather actionable intelligence in customized databases that drive strategic decisions and convert business prospects into business customers?

Discussing their relationships working with IT clients — from ambitious start-ups to municipal agencies to the best-known global brands — the technologists also shared the perception that information technology was frequently experienced as being overly complex if not alienating to client representatives, particularly when it came to understanding process and cost.

To answer these previously insoluble information technology and business challenges, the longtime associates determined that all IT services should be guided by a core underlying principle: Clarity. And together, they formulated an equation that would redefine IT solutions…

Clarity + Cross-Functional Expertise = Higher Performance, Greater Value & Lower Overall Costs

… And so was launched Amvean Consulting.