What is OpenStack?

Open Stack

Open Stack is an open source project that Rackspace (website hosting company) and NASA started. They have created a kind of online fantasy world, where storage, resources and performance would be no object, and small startups could build up immensely in the clouds, knowing that when their day came, they’d be able to scale everything up, quickly and efficiently. The project it not yet perfected and requires much more experimenting.

Many people think that this type of project is amazing and believe it is the future of computer information. However, Open Stack and its competitors, such as Amazon and so on, are cloud technology. What people fail to realize is that whatever is posted or uploaded on the cloud is no longer yours. What this mean is that if someone were to take your ideas or work from the cloud it is not considered copyright Infringement.

How does it work you may ask yourself?

The simplest way to explain it is that you will have an application that is an operating system at the tip of your finger. This application will open up and go to the OpenStack dashboard where can do all you want. It will compute, communicate, and store all your information as if you have your own computer in the heavens themselves. It can be access from any machine with the software that can be executed.

Ideally Openstack was developed for large networks. For instance, a large company would have many virtual servers and more that were added became increasing difficult to manage: you had to think about different hypervisor, different server, different brand and you were still managing devices like they were psychical machine expect now they have a virtualization liner. This was not complicate just for the administrator but the developer and the business user also experience frustration because they still could not get they need on-demand and they do not have the ability automate the things they do frequently.


What Openstack does is that it takes all those set of hypervisor within a data center or across multiple data center into pool of resources. Those pools of resources can be managed and consumed from a single place.  You have both API available to you, which are programmatic interfaces. And you have dashboard that both administrator and users can go to, to have that point and click familiar interface to do your configuration.

Think of Openstack as the control layer that sit above all the virtualize things that already in your data center. Compute (called nova) regardless of what hypervisor you choose whether it is KVM, XEN, VMware and many others. But the way you access them is consistent. The same goes for storage, block storage (called cinder), object storage (called swift), network (called quantum).  You can access this all through Openstack.





Here are some companies that are using OpenStack.

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